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Mike Nyembo photographer shot Miss Switzerland candidate Morgane Schaller. Stay tuned!

Towards ethical fashion

Here we are, you must wonder. A new eco-friendly lover is ready to open up about her spanking new housewife issues. But please rest assured; no green and quaint petty talks here. Undeniably, debates about sustainable consumption have spread and taken more and more importance worldwide during the last five years.

Many stakeholders from green politicians to bloggers and journalists took up their pens to highlight how to be the perfect citizen and a rewarded consumer. But the challenge for households is to combine their daily lives and activities such as family, job, budgets and finances with being the Perfect-Consumer. In fact, households would have to provide afterthoughts as well as additional time and money which they may not have… Indeed, aren’t we grounded in a reality where nothing is shaped perfectly?

Our fashion magazine’s major goal is to cover people’s aesthetic aspect, and for sure The Cherryship is not a place where we express our ideological commitments. However, this does not exclude our will to raise awareness about the creative process of certain products. We shall hence look further into the latter, its effect on the environment and above all, how it affects our health.

This editorial will propose a suggestive path with no sharp edge swaying our afterthoughts. We sought out integrative solutions, where being a responsible consumer can coexist in harmony with our day-to-day lives. Small clues spread during our interviews and portraits might lead you to dig into the matter during your spare time.

We start this very first chapter with a bunch of ethical designers, mainly rooted in Europe. And what better way to enhance the value of a garment than displaying it on the shoulders of a beautiful model? The Cherryship decided to photoshoot Miss Switzerland candidate Morgane Schaller. The ravishing face featured model will testify that bio and fashion can make it HOT! The shot, called SECRET GARDEN, will be unveiled soon.

At that point, we will follow with some beauty and easy-to-do tips. Finally, you’ll discover a strong and graceful woman that is farming in a biological process. She will reveal her secrets for eating healthy and tastefully directly drawn from Scandinavian countries.

We hope you’ll enjoy this special « bio fashion » edition, and don’t hesitate to give your opinion!

Yours faithfully,

Cherry Chipper



  • Mike Nyembo photographer
  • Model: Morgane Schaller
  • MUA: Mélanie Corvaglia
  • Stylism: Aymeric Futol & CC

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