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Miss Switzerland contestant Morgane Schaller, 25, loves travelling, culture, and fashion world. She interacts with luxury through her work in the watch industry. The beautiful green-eyed brunette, who describes herself as ambitious and passionate, studies international management. This nature-lover, who settled down in the countryside of Macolin (BE), talks about her relation to environnement and ecology


Forbidden fruit
Rings: AVA Jewellery

CC: In what ways do you use ethics when it comes to buying clothes and accessories ?

Morgane Schaller: I do pay more and more attention to that aspect. In fact, I always check the origin of the goods and the fabrics used. I also have a look at whether the production company is active when it comes to ecology and whether they promote durability of their products. I think it is essential to be smart in our consumption by putting priority on quality rather than quantity. Ethical products are generally more expensive, which could refrain some people from choosing that option.

What are your thoughts when you are asked about ethical consumerism?

Thanks to my mother, I have been sensitized to this issue at a very young age. Ethical consumption is about respecting others as well as oneself. It only takes a bit more time to obtain information of the product as well as the production process. In my opinion, one of the top priorities for economically developed countries should be to encourage ethical consumerism.

Do you pay attention to the food you buy ?

Very much so. Bio products are a solid value for me. I also consume seasonal and local products in order to promote small producers.

Do you feel close to nature?

Although I have a preference for the cosmo environment prevailing in large cities, I actually live in the country side. I love nature’s peaceful silence, its purity and beauty. This is why I love living in Switzerland! We are lucky to have access to the best sides of both urban life and nature.

I consume seasonal and local products

What are your commitments towards nature ?

I profoundly respect nature and cannot possibly accept to pollute. Recycling is part of my daily life.


Morgane’s eyes: Fifty shades of Green

Ring: AZAD from AVA Jewellery

Earrings: AVA Jewellery


Interview by Cherry Chipper

Pictures By Mike Nyembo

Stylism: Aymeric Futol, Cherry Chipper / MUA: Mélanie Corvaglia 


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