Ferragamo e “la Commedia dell’arte”

Nobody else could master the Ferragamo’s winter fall but Massimiliano Giornetti himself. The Italian creative brand director displays a collection of great consistency. The austere cut of the garments never mars their extreme femininity.

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I have no doubt that Massimiliano likes playing charades because he plays with science through chromatic hue and geometric patterns. We notice a touch inspired by the artistic movement De Stijl on the majority of the pieces – given the recurrence of elementary lines and primary colours. Indeed, cyan, yellow, and magenta segments cross the black and glossy brown squares.

We are also reminded of the Italian theatrical style. Don’t we admire the costume of Arlequino in front of us which comes straight from a Commedia dell’arte play? Why models couldn’t tell us about atellan tales?

The whole collection shines by the Ferragamo famous minimalist approach, enhanced by a complex game of matters and colours. Amongst garments and silk feature noble fabrics such as leather, dark velvet or boiled wool. A special distinction ought to be mentioned for the leather belt that makes the height tiny and for the buttons full of colours which brighten the sober jackets. And we are obsessed with the heavy hand-woven cape which has a rugged and simplistic beauty.

Massimiliano, Dové é la maschera?

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