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#Cherrytips What a pleasure to witness the comeback of NATURE in the core of beauty industry. When flash advertisings for chemical treatments for – alleged – skin miracles flourish everywhere, some decided to get out of the system. Those people decided to stop buying the usual amount of face lotions and body moistures filled up with additive and – have you heard about it?- chemical products such as hydrocarbon. What a surprise when we opened Vogue Paris to find out that a full chapter was dedicated to natural skin care routines and healers therapies. At the top of this it-list, we obviously find model Angela Lindvall, who organise intensive yoga programs and promotes a really healthy way of life.

The American-born actrice whose face was chosen by many brands – Fendi, Calvin Klein, Christian Dior, Tommy Hilfiger, Jil Sander, Chanel among others – decided to build on her fame to send a positive message about ecological and healthy food. She equally works in harmony with asian core values, guided by a holistic approach, yoga and meditation. She lives now in Topanga-Canyon, above the city of Malibu. She uses her house and huge property as a luxury retreat place, where she teaches nutrition -as she attends classes in the Institute for integrative Nutrition. This is the place-to-be for every socialite for spending days on meditation and yoga courseworks. We perfectly know that almost all-Hollywood was attracted to holistic or vegan nutrition – we will come back on Rosie Huntington-Whiteley Paleolithic nutrition – like Cindy Crawford or Madonna. 

Angela Lindvall promotes ecological products 
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The new step for her business, according to Angela herself, is a pre-fashion season retreat in order to get models prepared for the fashion week marathon. We remember that Joan Smalls’s boyfriend opened a restaurant dedicated to models, and we came to realize that natural-way-of-life and luxury are often linked together, and even reinforce each other. For sure, wellness, nature and luxury are -unfortunately- the basic components of a a more complexe recipe to make cash. But no need tcomplain. Sometimes, media can help breaking out from the regular consumption circle. This new data make all-natural beauty products able to compete with the cosmetic industry front row. Sometimes, basic things like ecology and skin-fair products need some social entrepreneurs to pave the way. 

The Cherryship has already publised articles about hair lotion based on essential oils. We will discover – as we write and learn all at once – how to create a clarifying exfoliator and a smooth after-shave for men!

We will take a serious glimpse to the craftwork of botanist Christian Toscano. This woman, according to Vogue, makes a fabulous Honey Pecan  Rose Cleanser (the name itself is a relaxing track) and Blue Chamomile Restorative Face Cream. This last product is a best-seller from her Brand, Roots Rose Radish.

Amanda Chantal Bacon, based in Venice Beach (LA), is a superfood guru. This New York-born girl has built up her brand Moon Juice, whom snacks and juices are known for being fabulous as well as cleansing ! “I’d always been juicing, especially when I was working in a kitchen where there’s so much wine, salt, and fat”, she told to “Into The Gloss” magazine.

And for sure, we will write you down a few recipes we have grabbed from our currenfavorite author when it comes to finding excellent Vegan recipes.

Stay tuned…

Honey Pecan Rose Cleanser from Roots Rose Radish

Moon Juice displays snacks and juices

The juices are perfect for a body detox

Pre/Post Cleanse Day Kit: 1. Enzymatic Aloe Tonic 2. Goodness Greens 3. Blueberry Lime Coconut Yogurt 4. Cilantro Celery Punch 5. Green Fermented Seed Crisps 6. Cultured Shallot & Soft Herb Cheese 7. Beet Aid 8. Activated Turmeric, Coconut & Lime Pepitas



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