Gold leaves and jewels

Gold gold gold! Gold is everywhere in nature, and its warm tone is definitely an autumnal shade. Let’s try to fit some accessories. Beautiful model Adeliya shows us how to add a touch of shimmering radiance by combining her golden green eyes with glittering gold jewels.

Lo! I am come to autumn,
When all the leaves are gold;
Grey hairs and golden leaves cry out
The year and I are old.

G. K. Chesterton


Ripped jeans and a knitted lace bustier rock a sweet contrast with sparkling gems.



Gold gems turn an immaculate white dress priceless when it comes to highlight beads. 


Blink of an eye towards summer. Illuminate your style by combining classical high-waist pants and a flower pattern crop top. Sublimate this look with golden bracelets and rings imbedded with green and blue beads.



  • Model: Adeliya
  • Earrings: H&M

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