The music in the blood

As we discovered the wilderness of Ibiza in the last article, we decided to meet real musicians committed in Flamenco culture. Far from the glamour-part of the place, the three handsome musicians live their passion in Ibiza. Yikes! This gives us a new perspective on the island dedicated to party and leisure. 


Published in Australia.

A simple hacienda in the suburbs of San Antonio, managed by a handful of hippies. Some colourful walls. A bunch of recycled furniture. And in the corner of the huge, desert terrace, three young musicians playing Flamenco. Not just playing, but performing. The rhythm is bewitching, the voices flawless. The high degree of control they display on their instruments doesn’t lie; these musicos are professional. I surreptitiously join the group. The audacious chordal successions cry about love, Andalusia, and despair sometimes. It witnesses a great nostalgy. The heart is carried by the voices just like the whirlwind of notes pass away on the guitare strings. The three Spanish, one by one, take the lead of the group. Every single talent complements each other. One changes the music instrument, one starts again. Exactly like the major flamenco stars, Paco de Lucia and Cameron, can easily do. At this moment, Antonio plays guitare, and let his sidekick to the drums. The third one freely uses a sharp or deep voice. Antonio and José blend their similar voice tessiture. Like tango dancers, they follow each others without overpowering their ability.

At the end of the recital, I cannot prevent myself from asking the name of the band. Antonio Romero interjects with a grin. ” there is no band name at this point, as this is the first time we ‘ve met “, he explains. “Some friends organized this meeting so that we could check if we match”, he continues. After the musical delight, the amazement. “You guys never met before ? “, I can hardly stammer, thinking about the one-hour improvised performance. I didn’t notice this spontaneity, beside a few communicative smiles between acolytes.

Three dudes, three ways

Antonio Romero seems to play the leader role, according to the others. This lone wolf already knows the taste of the set as he performed several concerts and records. The handsome 30-years-old and communicative Andalous describes himself as the free electron in his family. He began to play guitare at the age of 13, while no one around does. He finished an architecture degree in Granada a few years ago, but passion for Flamenco prevailed. Influenced by the fathers of the Flamenco, he composes his own texts, and joins his imagination to the popular Flamenco thema.

Antonio Ponce (front) and José singing.

His companion of the day, José, comes from Sevilla. His timidity melts when vibrates his voice. And what can we choose between his crystal clear eyes and bewitching voice ? None of them because you observe the face expressions as much as you hear his Flamenco spell. José practices it since he’s a kid. ” I grew up in a family of musicians “, he explains with his eternal smile in the corner of the mouth. The 34-years-old Spanish was even born from music, as his father is a Gitan. He came in Ibiza twelve years ago, and plays guitare and African drums with the same accurate technicity he uses his voice. This Bob Marley and Pink Floyd fan took cannot make up his mind about his musical ambitions yet; for the moment, he holds a bar in the region, and sometimes mixes as a DJ.

The third one is the youngest but not the least experienced on the music market. Antonio Ponce, 27, has a degreee from Albacete academy of music. He began to play piano at the age of six. Drums and Flamenco follow at 15 until he began a Virtuoso. Like in fair-tale, he managed a group of 22 musicians called “Secretos de mi Tierre ” while he was underage, and made them playing through Russia for five years. The mysterious and composed-attitude boy settled in Ibiza two years ago. He teaches music as a living. “Besides, I try to improve myself in Cajon “, he said, pointing out the squared-drum he uses has a seat. “He’s even more impressive when he plays guitare “, an employee from the hacienda tells me secretly.

Antonio Romero playing Cajon

A new band 

After this magical unprompted hour of music, the picture seems positive for the three companions. ” The most important in Flamenco is the ear “, explains Romero. Indeed, Flamenco is deeply rooted  in the Iberian souls and earth, and every voice or vibration has to meet the others to make this perfect syncretism. And I swear, I witnessed something special in here. The three handsome men have a common purpose ; revisiting traditional Flamenco in a modern and dynamic way, and adding other influences in their compositions. And as I could observe with Kendji Girac’s popularity in France, there is a place for three talented Andalous in the pantheon of accomplished musicians.

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