Prabal Gurung Ready to wear winks to Nepal

Designer Prabal Gurung Ready to Wear 2016 show SLAYED, and for a million of reasons.

First of them, he committed for Nepal which was struck by an unprecedented earthquake. The designer, who was deeply affected by the devastation of his home country, decided to use social network to raise some funds. His humanitarian structure Shikshya Foundation Nepal gained around one million of dollars. This is why Prabal fashionshow began with a ceremony to thank the donators. Thirty monks came on stage  in their traditional red and yellow robes, chanting and praying.

The Ready to wear 2016 collection took naturally its roots in Nepalese culture, with a warm rainbow of garments, which display Prabal traditional minimalist trends. Take a glimpse at these elegant sleeveless and aerial-silk giupure pieces. We might notice that there are no hip-hugging skirts or dresses this season. But we could admire the semi-transparent printed embellishments as some models flashed their midriff on the runway. Some pieces are shimmiring of beads and sequins, others are closely associated with the red and yellow Buddhist monks dresses.

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