How would you describe your flirting skills… at its best? Or at its lowest point? WELL, GOOD NEWS! You can learn and improve that skill. At first, you will have to theoretically understand how attraction between men and women works. As you read, you will apply the advice in real life. It will feel like wearing a mask. And at first, it could feel…uncomfortable and off-putting. And one beautiful day, everything that you learned will turn out to be a real part of your personality. This new set of skills will serve you for the rest of your life. This swagger and the confidence you will exude will just be the outcome of the teaching and the work you accepted to put in.

Everything can be taught. Social skills included. Being flirtatious and attractive to the other sex too. We are human and thus biologically configured. Wire your brain on the right software…and you will be as successful as you deserve when it comes to dating.

Now, to the point, shall we?

How to be the Best flirt?

Flirty Tip #1: Practice by Greeting Strangers Every Day
Flirty Tip #2: Compliment Others
Flirty Tip #3: Approach People
Flirty Tip #4: Remember to keep it light and positive
Flirty Tip #5: Let him catch you giving him a lingering look
Flirty Tip #6: Look at his mouth
Flirty Tip #7: Add in touch
Flirty Tip #8: Don’t use the Typical Questions

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