Rihanna swims with sharks for fashion

No way! Who IS that chick who can swim with sharks around? Rihanna for sure! I mean, everyone can do it, for a few seconds, during vacation. And everyone rushes out of the water when predators lurk around. But Rihanna is not afraid to strike the pose inside a tank full of sharks – that could sound insane! But the fashion shoot result is just amazing. For Harper’s BAZAAR, she faced three sand tiger sharks, which can grow up to eight feet long. It could have turned awkward, but the singer told she had have her share of experience with sharks. “In those cases I just have to handle them accordingly”, she said. Easy!

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Sure that Rihanna was the Tampa’s Florida Aquarium sexiest visitor ever. The photographer Norman Jean Roy wore his suit to capture the four different outfits while sharks where circling the popstar. OUPS! Who’s to blame? Is it on account of the Chanel watch shining around ? Could the singer really think about her amazing Mugler, Gottex and Burberry swimsuits while swimming? “Killer fashion!”, the Dailymail said about the Harper March issue. We just agree with them.


Find Harper’s photos here and a video here !

 crédit photo: Harper’s Bazaar

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