Diane Keaton is a Belieber!

Diane Keaton gets a fever. Bieberfever! Thanks Ellen DeGeneres to make this week a special Bieber week! Diane Keaton, 69, was invited in her show on friday. During the interview, she admitted to be a Belieber.

The lady has even a massive crush on the 21-year-old singer! She was beyond excited when pictures of Justin flashing his abs popped up on the screen. We guess that Justin heard her, cause he stormed the stage. He gave her a hug (and she gave him a kiss…).
“That’s real beauty…do you think he’ll ask me out later?” Diane Keaton stammerd when he was gone…


Iceland is worried about JB’s new video

Dangerous demeanor…but breathtaking landscapes. Justin BIEBER’s new song is a blast!

Biebs seems to merge with icelandic nature in his new video clip “I’ll show you”. But local press raises the alarm bell; what if travelers decide to follow their “guide”, and make the trip risky? Iceland Guide even wrote an article called “5 reasons not to behave like Justin Bieber in Iceland” (mainly because of A) Earthquakes B) Wind C) Rockfalls).

The 21-year-old singer stands on the edge of a precipice, and take a bath in a translucid and freezing water, where some others did lose their life. But according to us, this amazing video is worth the risk (see below).

Iceland Guide brings recommandations to a whole new level…

  • “Skateboarding is really not the most useful transport method in Iceland – and you’ll probably ruin it on the volcanic sand…”
  • “It’s really not a trend in Iceland for guys to have bleached hair… ” (this one sounds as blemish as Justin’s hair!)
  • “Bieber perhaps didn’t get the memo that he would be filming in Iceland so he just brought his shorts, a hoodie and a cap and forgot to bring his swimsuit.”
  • “The moss take hundreds of years to recover if it’s ripped out of the ground”…
  • If you are sitting on the edge of a cliff, you may think about A) Earthquakes B) Wind C) Rockfalls

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